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The "Civil war" EP

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 Release: 24/05/93
 Duration: 20:44
Also known as simply 'Civil war' is the third EP by Guns N' Roses. This one is, unlike the previous two, a compilation of songs rather than a live ep. It was released in the UK, Germany and Japan. Every release had a slightly different tracklist. The UK version featured 'Garden of Eden' and 'Dead horse', the German version only featured 'Garden of Eden' while the Japense version featured 'Don't damn me' and 'Back off bitch'. Every EP started with 'Civil war' and ended with en exclusive interview with Slash.

Here's an overview of how many times each song from this album has been played. Click on a song for more information.

1.  Civil war
2.  Garden of eden (UK & DE)
3.  Dead Horse (UK only)
2.  Don't damn me (JP only)
3.  Back off bitch (JP only)
4.  Exclusive interview with Slash