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 Release: 23/03/04
 Duration: 79:18
Against the will of Axl Rose and former band members this compilation album got released in 2004. Even though fans didn't like it so much (because it was missing essential guns n' roses songs) the album sold well, especially in Ireland.

Here's an overview of how many times each song from this album has been played. Click on a song for more information.

1.  Welcome to the jungle
2.  Sweet child o' mine
3.  Patience
4.  Paradise city
5.  Knockin' on heaven's door
6.  Civil war
7.  You could be mine
8.  Don't cry
9.  November rain
10.  Live and let die
11.  Yesterdays
12.  Ain't it fun
13.  Since I don't have you
14.  Sympathy for the devil