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Live ?!*@ like a suicide

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 Release: 16/12/86
 Duration: 13:22
Live ?!*A like a suicide is Guns N' Roses first release. It's an EP with 2 originals and 2 cover songs. It features Reckless life, Nice boys (Rose Tattoo cover), Move to the city and Mama kin (Aerosmith cover). The EP is a faux-live recording. That means they recored the songs live and then overdubbed live audience recordings.
This EP is very limited and out of press. However all 4 songs are included as is on the GN'R lies album.

Here's an overview of how many times each song from this album has been played. Click on a song for more information.

1.  Reckless life
2.  Nice boys
3.  Move to the city
4.  Mama kin