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Guns N' Roses

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 Release: 28/06/87
 Duration: 25:58
A year after the release of their debut album, Guns N' Roses released a second EP in Japan. Although it's official name is 'Guns N' Roses' it's better known as 'Live from the jungle EP' (that's written in Japense on the OBI).
It's so easy, Knockin' on heaven's door and Whole lotta Rosie were recorded live in the Marque Club in London on June 28, 1987. Shadow of your love and Move to the city are faux-live just live live!?*@ like a suicide. In fact, move to the city is the same recording as live!?*@ like a suicide. The last song, sweet child o' mine is a studio recording as it appeared on Appetite for destruction.

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1.  It's so easy
2.  Shadow of your love
3.  Move to the city
4.  Knockin' on heaven's door
5.  Whole lotta Rosie
6.  Sweet child o' mine