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  1. Chinese democracy
  2. Welcome to the jungle
  3. It's so easy
  4. Mr. Brownstone
  5. Sorry
  6. Richard Fortus guitar solo (James Bond theme)
  7. Live and let die
  8. If the world
  9. Rocket queen
  10. Dizzy Reed piano solo (Silver, blue and gold)
  11. Street of dreams
  12. You could be mine
  13. DJ Ashba guitar solo (The ballad of death)
  14. Sweet child o' mine
  15. Band jam (Another brick in the wall pt. 2)
  16. Axl Rose piano solo (Goodbye yellow brick road/Someone saved my life tonight)
  17. November rain
  18. Bumblefoot guitar solo (Pink Panther theme)
  19. Nightrain

  20. Encore

  21. Knockin' on heaven's door
  22. Paradise city
Setlist notes

Beta is wished a happy birthday during 'knockin' on heaven's door'.


There are no videos for this Guns N' Roses concert yet.

Concert reviews

estebanf on October 6th 2010 13:33


Well, my journey to Belo Horizonte had a happy ending, basically because Im alive Grin

I havent sleep in the last 35 hours i think, just managed to sleep a little laying down on the floor at Belo Horizonte´s rodaviaria (bus station). Finding a Taxi after the show was a nightmare, and the 8 hour trip from Belo Horizonte to Rio was all the way long with 35 degrees... that bus was hell inside.

About the venue:

- Nice place. I thought Mineirinho was bigger (considering how enormous is mineirao, and how big mineirinho looks from the outside), and the venue was not packed at all. It was dangerously empty when Baz started to play, but it became decently full when GNR got the stage. The Premium Floor was 50% packed, the ´good´seats were also 50% packed, and the field and the higher seats were actually pretty packed. The good thing about mineirinho is you can see really well from almost everywhere, and you can also see it confortably because the brazilian crowd never pushed me, never saw it jumping like maniacs, never saw them ´pogoing´, all things im used to for attending shows in Argentina.

About the crowd:

- As someone said, not trying to start some kind of ´war´against southamerican crowds, if the band got impressed with the Belo Horizonte crowd, they REALLY have no idea what they´re gonna see in Buenos Aires. People was enthusiastic, they sang LOUD all the songs (at some points, putting Axl´s voice in a second place) and there was some ´energy´ in the crowd in the AFD classics, like SCOM or Jungle. But what we, argentininians, know as ´pogo´, was absolutely absent. The crowd was enthusiastic, but it was not a frenzy like it will be in Buenos Aires, like there is all big rock concerts there. I wanted to jump like a lunatic, to headbang, to get crazy, to feel some pain, but none of this things happened yesterday.

About the opening acts:

- I dont know what the fuck was that brazilian band playing first, but thank God they left the stage quickly. Baz started the show like a fucking psycho, rocking and headbanging and playing with his mic, yelling incredible screams, but the band was not as enthusiastic as him (Nick Sterling, great player, was stood up in the back of the stage, like he was rehearsing or just fucking around with friends...). The crowd loved the old Skid Row tunes, but showed no enthusiasm with the KILLER new tunes from Angel Down, like Back In The Saddle and Stuck Inside.

ABout the stage:

The stage really dissapointed me. Very small, with almost no space for Axl and the guys to run around. The videowalls were small too. Forgettable stage.

About the GNR show:

The first thing I want to mention is how INCREDIBLE was Axl´s voice. His voice is in top form, sounding like he did in the last skin n bones tour in 1993, nailing all screams, and singing like it was ´´easy´´ to sing the GNR songs. His voice was powerful, crystal clear, and he never got out of breath. Trust me: if you are planning to see this band live, this is the best Axl you´ll get. Im not exaggerating, and Im saying this 24 hours after the show, so im not overreacting because of emotion: Axl´s voice is out-fucking-standing. 10 over 10.

A real problem comes to anyone who goes to see a GNR show: you just dont know WHERE to see, where to focus. You have Axl, yes, the main attraction. He moves like a 20 year old guy, he felt confortable yesterday, like he was really having a good time.

Then you have DJ Ashba, the guitarist that you´ll catch yourself looking at him most of the times. He´s magnetic: his stage presence is huge, he is dancing and moving around all the show, and when he starts soloing he is the owner of the show. That´s what made me musically fall in love with Robin: attitude. I thought DJ was not good in this aspect, but he showed me the opposite. He´s the main attraction of the show after Axl. The volume of his guitar couldnt be any higher. He was killer in the sorry / SOD / SCOM / NR solos, and he was the happiest guy in all mineirinho, trust me.

Richard is so intense. The way he attacks the chords of his guitar, how he gets ´possesed´at some points... sometimes you can see him attacking his guitar playing near Frank, when all eyes are spotted elsewhere. He just feels what he is playing.

Bumblefoot is a little ´shy´in comparison with DJ and Richard, but when he´s under the spotlight, he rocks like a motherfucker. He robs the show completely in If The World, one of the highlights of the night, and I think his solo moment was the one that generated the greatest enthusiasm in the crowd (even though i think Richard´s was the best, INCREDIBLY powerful and groovy)

Frank is just Mr. Demolition Man on the drums. He´s a beast. The way he hit that drumkit in Sorry´s outro will be always on my mind. It seemed like they were 3 or 4 guys on the drums. He truly rocks.

The band sounded tighter than ever. I´ve never experienced something like this before: a band sounding as good or even better than on its studio albums. You Could Be Mine was so intense that i got shivers in all my body, that i feel freezed for a moment (and there was in fact 30 degrees). For those planning to see the band: BUY A PREMIUM TICKET. The experience of seeing the band live is already incredible, but seeing the band with one or two meters of distance is just unbelievable.

Other things I would like to mention:

- I always said just erase LALD and YCBM from the setlist! theyre boring and the band doesnt sound good on them. DAMN IT HOW WRONG I WAS. THEY FUCKING BLOW YOUR MIND IN ONE MILLION PIECES. YCBM live feelis like putting your brain in a meat proccessor. Incredibly powerful.

- Axl sang a part of Another Brick In The Wall part 2. I dont know if he did that already (adding his vocals), but it rocked and the brazilian crowd loved it.

- The first half of the opener, Chinese Democracy, was a disaster. Axl was singing one thing while the band was playing another. Axl stopped singing completely at one point, but the band kept playing. Someone yelled at Axl what part of the lyrics they were playing, and then he managed to perform the rest of the song correctly.

- Axl pointed a guy, while showing a big smile, at the very beggining of the show. Who was him, do any of you know?

- The pyro rocked. So do the Confetti at PC

- Beta showed herself very happy and moved when Axl called her to go to the stage, so the crowd could sing happy birthday to her. There was also a medium sized flag in the higher seats, in front of the stage, saying something like ´happy birthday beta, thanks for taking care of Axl...´

- When Axl introduced the band, there were not too enthusiastic applauses for the bandmembers, except for Dizzy, who was VERY applauded and well received by the crowd. The crowd showed zero enthusiasm with DJ Ashba´s solo, when he was trying to cheer the people up before starting soloing. That attitude ended as soon as he started SCOM.

- The crowd knew all the lyrics of the new songs, but Street Of Dreams was applauded like it was a classic like November Rain. That made me smile Smiley

Conclussion: best show of my life, but I know this statement will not last too much, because I really feel Uruguay and Argentina shows will be more enthusiastic in terms of crowd reception. Musically, this band is a fucking dream team. Guns N´Roses just cant sound better, Axl just cant sing better (trust me, no joke at all, this is the best Axl you´ll get), my only negative comment could be the duration of the setlist. If this had been my only and last show, I would may be dissapointed. But when you just finished seeing a concert with the quality of the GNR shows, no matter how many songs they play, you´ll ALWAYS want more. Anyway, hope to see TWAT, Better, Madagascar, Shacklers, Scraped, IRS and a lot of other songs in my next three stops: Rio, Uruguay and Buenos Aires