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  1. Chinese democracy
  2. Welcome to the jungle
  3. It's so easy
  4. Mr. Brownstone
  5. Sorry
  6. Better
  7. Richard Fortus guitar solo (James Bond theme)
  8. Live and let die
  9. If the world
  10. Rocket queen
  11. Dizzy Reed piano solo (Ziggy Stardust)
  12. Street of dreams
  13. I.R.S.
  14. DJ Ashba guitar solo (The ballad of death)
  15. Sweet child o' mine
  16. You could be mine
  17. Band jam (Run to the hills, Another brick in the wall pt. 2)
  18. Axl Rose piano solo (Goodbye yellow brick road/Someone saved my life tonight)
  19. November rain
  20. Bumblefoot guitar solo (Pink Panther theme)
  21. Knockin' on heaven's door
  22. Nightrain

  23. Encore

  24. Madagascar
  25. Shackler's revenge
  26. This I love
  27. Paradise city
Setlist notes

Axl stops the first song because something is thrown on stage. After 'if the world' Axl asks the crowd to take a step back. During knockin' on heaven's door Axl says something about the supposed acoustic show that never happened: "Mom don't worry, Axl is watching me!!". He also talks about the acoustic show "So couple of nights ago we had some problems here. I know I'm probably giving him too much credit by talking about it. But i gotta get it off my chest, 'cause I'm fucking pissed off. [grins] See, we know this little scumbag up in New York. He talked about booking a show, a bunch of models and shit, that's his shtick. And I told him no, but he booked it anyway. I found out the night before the show and I was gonna go... But then I had a show, my throat was pretty fucked up from the show before. And I wanna apologize if I'm not hitting all my high fucking notes tonight. But as much we hate to disappoint anyone, had to look at priorities. It was either a couple of hundred people or all of you. And my so called friend thought I was being selfish by not doing his show, and I'm supposed to say Fuck You! to you. I didn't wanna say Fuck You! to you... So as why that didn't happen and why we're here tonight. It's because, we wanted to play this show."


There are no videos for this Guns N' Roses concert yet.

Concert reviews

Manets on August 3rd 2010 00:36


My review:
First I met Dj and jarmo in the Playtech Store. When I was arriving there, I was in the cellphone with a friend who was already in the queue for the concert, and I suddenly saw a Citroen C4 arriving and the fans screaming "DJ DJ DJ DJ", so I turned the cellphone off and ran into the car, I was in front of it and Dj opened the door, it was epic, he was like less than a meter from me, but the securitys took him to the 2nd floor very fast. After this, I took a shower and went to the shopping mall in front of the stadium, it was crowded of Gunners (dunno in your countries but here it's how the GNR fans are known), then at 2PM I went to the queue. It was fucking huge, but I met some friends from GunnersBrasil and PerfectCrimeGNR forum in a good position so I went there with them. At 4PM the gates were opened, we runned as hell to the stage, and we got a very fucking good place, two meters from the central extension of the stage.
After one hour of Bach, and another hour of stage preparation GNR was in. The LCD screams where Axl reads the lyrics were having problems, a guy from the crew kept like 40 minutes trying to turn it on, so we pushed a "DUMB!" chant.... lol
The rest you already know..... Axl's voice was AWESOME, and Fortus and Dj's energy in stage is great! Once I saw Fernando and Chris drinking and dancing in the middle of the songs, lol, I thought "Chris should be playing, shouldn't he?". When Dizzy was about to do his solo, he came to the piano doing a little dance, it was very funny! Ron was also very funny, as always, but Axl was the funniest. When he said STOP in Chinese Democracy, the 1st tiem he said looked like he was changing the lyrics, or something like this, but he started to "STOP! STOOOOOOOOOOOP!"
Then everyone said: FUDEU!
When he said Stop a billion of securitys ran there where he was, and he did the rant everyone already knows....
The rant was very funny, but in the rest of the cocnert, Axl seemed happier than ever. He took everything that the crowd gave to him, teddy bears, TONS of roses (he sticked them everywhere), brazil's flags, brazil's football team t-shirt written AXL ROSE, flags with lots things written.
And the FUCK YOU AXL ROSE! was very, very funny.
But the show was so fast, for me it was like 20 minutes! I had a blast, fucking good time!
In the end of the concert I took a peace of paper that was in stucked in Axl in the end of Paradise City, and I met Fernando, he went down in the crowd to give us picks! But I didn't manage to took one, but I talked to him :) And when I was leaving I met Sebastian Bach's bass player, Rob, I talked to him and he was very cool, he said it was one of the best concert they ever did, and he thanked me for coming. I thanked him for playing so well :P


Sebastian Bach's review:
I am extremely happy to report that last night in Sao Paulo was absolutley one of the biggest, most important shows of my whole 25 year career so far. We played to approx 60,000 people last night in Sao Paulo with Guns N' Roses. I have played to (slightly) more people a couple of times , but never had a crowd as vociferous , passionate & heartfelt as the concert last night. It was a very very importAnt night for me, for one heavy reason.
Sao Paulo Brazil was the very last concert the Original Skid Row ever played.
Fact is, Sao Paulo is the city where I have played my worst ever show... & 14 years later, last nite, quite possibly my best ever show. That's showbiz!
The last Skid Row show was in 1996, with Mercyful Fate, Biohazard, Motorhead, & Iron Maiden. Needless to say, it was not the bill for us ..& the crowd let us know it. Driving to the show last nite I was filled with trepidation , not knowing what to expect after the 1996 show. I was not prepared in any way for the reception we received last night.
I have played Wembley Stadium. Giants Stadium. Tokyo Dome. Skydome. Carrier Dome. Tacoma Dome. Lenin Stadium. I can honestly say last nights show kicked ass over all of those . No question. For those of you out there clinging to nostalgia, asking me ' when is the old band getting back together' ad nauseum, I'm telling you, that ain't gonna happen. Last nights show was the culmination of 14 years of me being a solo artist & trying to establish my band in it's own right. Last nights show really showed us that our band , plainly put, fucking rules. To play the same city where the old band died & the new band took over is all I need . The fact is , my new band plays better. With 'angel down' & the new songs I am working on with Nick Sterling & John 5, we Have our own material that is goin over just as well as the old songs. Fact.
Last night was the perfect show for us... & the crowd let us now it.
From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot thAnk you enough Sao Paulo, & Brasil , for your unbeleivable support. You have erased a bad memory in my head & replaced it with making my dreams come true. Ti amo. Obrigado !!!
Your friend for life

FabioRose on January 1st 2011 20:39


Hey man! They played Patience... Please add to the setlist and fixx the stats of GN'R Lies

Kleber on April 26th 2012 19:02


Eu esta la, show fodastico.....fuck you Axl Rose...hahahaha.

Alexandre Stein on June 24th 2012 02:41


O melhor show da minha vida!!! Ja estive em varios show's das melhores bandas de rock, mas esse show foi muito foda... Tirando a espera e algumas bandas podres que colocaram na abertura do show, o resto foi loko de mais!!! E com grande alegria que eu digo: EU TAVA LA!!! Guns N' Fuckin' Roses For Fuckin' Ever!!!

Gabriel on July 8th 2012 01:37


Esse foi um verdadeiro ESPETACULO DE ROCK!!! Pena q no Rock In Rio do ano seguinte num foi...mais esse foi o melhor show q eu ja fui depois do Kiss em 2009!!!

Valdir amorim on October 19th 2012 04:45


Podem falar o que for mas o Guns n' Roses e a melhor banda do mundo, eu estava la e de quebra ainda assistimos Sebastian Bach, um dia inesquecivel!

Luciano Casella on January 6th 2014 21:20


Show espetacular, assisti na pista VIP e valeu cada centavo. Abertura incrivel do Sebastian, Axl em otimo humor e apresentacao do Dj Ashba, ate entao desconhecido por aqui.