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  1. Chinese democracy
  2. Welcome to the jungle
  3. It's so easy
  4. Mr. Brownstone
  5. Sorry
  6. Better
  7. Richard Fortus guitar solo (James Bond theme)
  8. Live and let die
  9. If the world
  10. Rocket queen
  11. Dizzy Reed piano solo (Ziggy Stardust)
  12. Street of dreams
  13. You could be mine
  14. DJ Ashba guitar solo (The ballad of death)
  15. Sweet child o' mine
  16. Band jam (Another brick in the wall pt. 2)
  17. Axl Rose piano solo (Goodbye yellow brick road/Someone saved my life tonight)
  18. November rain
  19. Bumblefoot guitar solo (Pink Panther theme)
  20. Knockin' on heaven's door
  21. Nightrain

  22. Encore

  23. Madagascar
  24. Shackler's revenge
  25. Patience
  26. Paradise city
Setlist notes

DJ Ashba plays in the pit during 'nightrain'.


There are no videos for this Guns N' Roses concert yet.

Concert reviews

Nello on January 4th 2011 13:44


This presentation has too much press coverage during the days prior to the concert. At a time local authorities almost cancel the show due to event organizers making publicity without all the permissions needed.

Finally, the day arrived, GN'R Twitter account reported the band entering Venezuela territory, Dizzy, Bumblefoot and Frank Ferrer did a musical clinic at a kids music school early in the afternoon and press reported the event as kind and rewarding, but the most important were knowing the band getting ready to rock. There was too much speculation with tickets because for the time this was the most expensive Rock concert, Metallica played a month before and tickets was half the price compared to GN'R so many people couldn't attend. But, after this concert all tickets for any concert know have the same price line. From 200$ to 450$, yes, we payed that much.

Show was scheduled to start at 9pm local time, but everyone knew this was not going to happen. I took a plane from another city with a friend and waited in line for 9hrs until doors opened, but in front line soon we forget about it.

As soon the clock started running late like 2hrs (11pm) rumors in place and TV started spreading like gun powder, and the bad news arrived: No one was pretty sure if Axl would arrive, not just in time, but just arrive... i was getting calls from all my friends, my wife (my little child did born a day later the concert but i took the risk attending, i'm reckless?) and so on. I layed on the floor of the Poliedro like for an hour and local bands did the openings.

Finally, exactly at 1:45a.m. (now March 28) a total of 4h 45m later lights went off, Bumblefoot shadow could be seeing cheering audience and everyone in the place got Mute.

As DJ Ashba started Chinese Democracy the Poliedro exploded in joy. Not to mention the welcome to Axl from the public. While Axl screaming Do you know where you are? the people went crazy. The rest can be described as a Excellent concert, the performance were so good, from everyone in the band, Axl voice was top notch. He was in a very good mood with the audience, many local flags were thrown to him and he took everyone of it, even weared the flag 2 times during the show as well as sun glasses and female underwear. Axl put a brassier into Ashba hat.

The concert finished almost 2h45min later showing the band respect for public playing that much (Aerosmith played like for 1h30min). DJ Ashba played Nightrain in the pit, put a foot into fireworks during November Rain and climbed the lights mountings and everyone were afraid of him having and accident. Everything went fine, Encore lasted 4 songs, Shackler's revenge was played, fantastic guitar solos, Axl piano intro put a hold in the night and we were redeemed to a excellent band playing with feeling and liking what they were doing.

It wasn't a concert, it was a Night to never forget.

I waited a Lifetime to have the opportunity to attend a GN'R concert, and i just wish to go to another.

Angel Leon on March 11th 2013 20:53