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Setlist for O2 arena

London, England

  1. Chinese democracy
  2. Welcome to the jungle
  3. It's so easy
  4. Mr. Brownstone
  5. Sorry
  6. Shackler's revenge
  7. Richard Fortus guitar solo (James Bond theme)
  8. Live and let die
  9. Band jam
  10. This I love
  11. Better
  12. Rocket queen
  13. Dizzy Reed piano solo (Ziggy Stardust)
  14. Street of dreams
  15. You could be mine (ft. Duff on bass)
  16. DJ Ashba guitar solo (The ballad of death)
  17. Sweet child o' mine
  18. Band jam (Another brick in the wall pt. 2)
  19. Axl Rose piano solo (Goodbye yellow brick road/Someone saved my life tonight)
  20. November rain
  21. Bumblefoot guitar solo (Pink Panther theme)
  22. I.R.S.
  23. Nice boys (ft. Duff on guitar)
  24. Knockin' on heaven's door (ft. Duff on guitar)
  25. Nightrain

  26. Encore

  27. Don't cry
  28. Madagascar
  29. Patience (ft. Duff on tambourine)
  30. Whole lotta Rosie (AC/DC cover)
  31. Band jam (Waiting on a friend)
  32. Paradise city
Setlist notes

Before 'You could be mine' Axl says: "There was this guy at the end of my hallway playing all this loud music and shit.. Who the fuck? Oh. It's Duff!".
"How are you doing tonight? You know, here I am all ready to rant and I'm not pissed off! What's a guy to do? Without further ado, Mr. Ron Bumblefoot Thal!".
Tommy and Duff share the mic on backing vocals on 'knockin' on heaven's door'. DJ Ashba plays 'nightrain' in the pit, greeting the crowd. Bumblefoot plays a bluesy intro to 'Don't cry'. During 'Patience' Duff and Bumblefoot swap instruments.
Before 'Whole lotta Rosie' Axl says "I think this is what they call an oldie, but a goodie...".


There are no videos for this Guns N' Roses concert yet.

Concert reviews

Ianjf on January 3rd 2011 18:27


I am from Dublin Ireland, and having attended the O2 Concert in Dublin which was a complete disaster, this show was a make or break for me.

I couldn't believe the Irish show ended the way it did, then security told a lot of people the show was over (I was one) and I missed everything when they came back onstage later!!!

So here I was happened to be in London this day on holiday with my wife, and just happened to notice the night before that GnR were playing in the O2 London.
I was thrilled, I immediately bought tickets and hoped that this would be the show I had been so much looking forward to in Dublin.

Well let me tell you, it didn't dissapoint!!! This was not only the best GnR Concert I have ever seen, but it is also the BEST CONCERT I have ever been at (And I have been to many)!!!!!
Even my wife thought so and she was never at a GnR gig before!!

The venue was amazing and the sound was out of this world!! Then to top everything off, Duff McKagan comes on stage to play for the first time in something like 17 years!!!

Just look at the setlist.... Amazing nearly 3 hours!!!

I would have swapped one or two songs on the list for Civil War, My Michelle and You're Crazy!! But you will never get your dream set that's just wishing :)

Overall an unbelievable night, GnR were so tight, and everyone had a fantastic time!!!

I just wish they would release a Blu-Ray of this show (or another 2010 CD show) complete with DTS sound etc, why they don't do it, I have no idea!!!!

But thanks for the show guys!!!!

mrd on June 1st 2012 01:10


was amazing, everyone gone nuts when Duff showed up! briliant, memories for life!

One.In.A.Million on July 19th 2012 20:55


What a surprise it was when Duff walked onstage during YCBM. Was great seeing him up there have a good time with GN'R.

Gnr lies on February 28th 2013 13:32


That was awesome. I got to see Duff. I wish ALL of the original would get back together