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  1. Chinese democracy
  2. Welcome to the jungle
  3. It's so easy
  4. Mr. Brownstone
  5. Sorry
  6. Rocket queen
  7. Estranged
  8. Richard Fortus guitar solo (Blacklight Jesus of Transylvania)
  9. Live and let die
  10. This I love
  11. Better
  12. Shackler's revenge
  13. Motivation (Tommy Stinson cover) (Tommy Stinson on vocals)
  14. Dizzy Reed piano solo (Baba O' Riley)
  15. Street of dreams
  16. You could be mine
  17. DJ Ashba guitar solo (The ballad of death)
  18. Sweet child o' mine
  19. Band jam (Another brick in the wall pt. 2)
  20. Axl Rose piano solo (Goodbye yellow brick road/Someone saved my life tonight)
  21. November rain
  22. Glad to be here (Bumblefoot cover) (Bumblefoot on vocals)
  23. Guitar solo (Bumblefoot)
  24. Don't cry
  25. Civil war
  26. Knockin' on heaven's door
  27. Band jam
  28. Nightrain

  29. Encore

  30. Paradise city
Setlist notes

It starts to rain during November Rain, for about half an hour.
During knockin' on heaven's door Axl says they've been trying to get the band to play here (in Germany) for 6 years but it keeps on not happening (due to agents, promoters).
Before Nightrain the band plays a jam, probably so that the crew can dry the stage with towels.


There are no videos for this Guns N' Roses concert yet.

Concert reviews

Pam on June 9th 2012 23:43


Wow! <3

Dennis on June 10th 2012 23:35


One of the best GN'R Shows from this Tour .
The crowd was awesome.
The Rain was the November Rain effect . The Sky is cryin' ....

G\'n\'f\'n\'r fan on June 11th 2012 19:17


Die 660km fahrt haben sich auf jeden fall gelohnt! I vote 10 stars !!!

Torsten on June 11th 2012 23:08


Top Konzert! Thx GN'R

Maik Budzinski on June 13th 2012 18:15


Top Top Top :)

Julia on June 14th 2012 14:48


i'm still madly in love. like i'm walking on clouds since that concert. it was deeply touching and even my dad who came with me and doesn't even listen to gn'r was in love with them afterwards. no words left, it was just perfect. best concert i've ever been to!

Xyaxlrosexy on June 14th 2012 23:23


Germany has the best crowd !!!!

TW on June 21st 2012 10:50


Awesome! Axl and GN'R rock!!! Hopefully more to come!

Marcel on June 30th 2012 22:00


What a night - i met Axl at 3:30 in the morning!

Tegernseerin on July 1st 2012 21:14


Super Konzert, die weite Anreise war es auf jeden Fall wert!! Tolle Show und noch besserer Axl Rose!

Lehmann racing team on July 21st 2012 06:44


Klasse Konzert in jedenfalls 10 Sterne

Olli T. on July 28th 2012 18:43


Yeah!!! That was really, really great!
Please, come back soon!!!!!!!

Manuel on August 24th 2012 09:46


Es war der Oberhammer!!!!

Tobias on September 23rd 2012 13:11


Top Top

Sanctum997 on October 10th 2012 00:33


Fahrt hat sich gelohnt tolle Show *-*

Peggy on December 3rd 2012 09:38



Manuel on January 21st 2013 22:00


Es war der Oberhammer!!!

Malu9501 on June 5th 2013 07:34


Awesome fucking concert